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Sting a Loot Novel
by Judy Blundell

This book is about how a group of kid thieves have to steal lots of jewels from very high tech security to earn lots of money, only with help from one adult, Hamish.

Dog Man And Cat Kid
by Dav Pilkey

I like it. It is very interesting.

The Unbreakable Code
by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Mr. Quisling is being really suspicious these days, James and Emily are on high alert. Who knew that this would lead to the legendary unbreakable code and its curse? Unable to contain themselves, James and Emily track down Mr.Quisling and the mysterious clues he accidentally leaves. Could they break the code that couldn't be broken for years and years? Would they find out who is the culprit responsible for the mysterious fire incidents?

by Barry Deutsch

The pictures and dialogue in this book were really good.

by David Baddiel

This book talks about a boy, Malcolm, who hates animals, it is nothing personal, just that his whole family loves animals, except for him. On a school trip to a farm, Malcolm meets an old goat named K-Pax that's when he fell asleep and woke as a tortoise. In the next few days, every time he falls asleep he turns into the animal he sees before he slept. Having only 3 days to decide what animal to become, Malcolm, wonders whether he if he would ever turn back into a human again.

Into The Wild
by Erin Hunter

This is the first adventure of warrior cats, Rusty, a kittypet who knew what StarClan gave him?

Magic Tree House Books
by I do no

Annie and Jack went to the magic tree house to have a challenge. They go to the beach and inside the sea to meat dolphins and sharks. At the end they find out the answer.

Upside Down Magic Book 3
by Upside Down Magic

I read it for 1 hour and it was about Nory without rain boots and missing the one from her fathers home

Goddess Girls: Echo the Copycat
by Joan Holub

This book is about a nymph named Echo. Echo is a forest nymph and has a tree to protect but as her name says she can't help but copy everything she sees! When Echo's tree gets chopped down by a lightning bolt she doesn't know what to do. She finally decides to confront Zeus himself! Do you think that he will do what she asks and revive her tree?

by By Mary Tillworth. Illustrated by the Dishey stor

Is good and can rite fun can have sekar and have fun
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